When Nothing Is On The Market

The market is moving quickly, most buyers will tell you that. Whether you’re looking for a townhome in Leesburg, a single family home in Reston, or a “tear down” home/lot in McLean or Vienna, when you have something specific in mind, it can be very, very challenging to find a listing for the place you want.

That’s when the right Buyers Agent can really help you….you know, someone like me.

Sure, I do what everyone does… I start with the MLS, and I show you the homes of interest that are listed. But when the home you want isn’t on the market, and what you want is clear and attainable, I don’t stop there.

There are many resources I use to help people find homes that are not in the MLS.

  • Websites…There are many websites where people may advertise a home for sale, and I scour them looking for the opportunity you’re hoping to find.
  • There are many networks I can tap into… these may be REALTOR, builder, business, neighbor or lender networks. These people all learn of others that will be selling soon – before they hit the open market, and I leverage those networks to try to find a suitable property for you.
  • Advertising… Believe it or not, I advertise for the specific locations my buyers are looking for.  I have started an “In Search Of” post that I will post on Fridays of the types of properties my buyers are looking for… You can find it right here on my blog every Friday.  I circulate this online through Social Networks because, well, I am trying to get the message out and enlist the help of others.
  • Direct Mail... I send direct mail pieces like letters and post cards and I reach out directly to the owners of those properties if I can find them… and I tell them I have a client that is interested in talking with them about selling their property.
  • Direct Outreach… I will knock on doors, too, and try to gauge their interest in selling.

Just today I received a call from someone who is looking to purchase a lot in McLean.  They have been trying for 2 years, with no success, and their friends referred them to me, because they had hired me to find them a lot and I was successful even when all their previous efforts were not.

Having said all of that, please tune in tomorrow morning for my IN SEARCH OF post.  I really do need your help!

Vicky Chrisner, Fieldstone Real Estate

Serving Buyers and Sellers in Northern Virginia


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