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Top 10 Reasons to List with ME

1. Exposure: Your listing will be posted on over 55,000 web sites including those most trafficked world wide: Google, Oodle, Craigslist, Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Homefinder, Washington Post Real Estate, Homes Database, and more. There are even agreements in place with most other brokerages allowing them to market your home for sale.

2. Reach: Global affiliations with national allow us to immediately distribute your listing to real estate agents throughout the country.

3. Expertise: We are represented by experienced, full time Sales Associates that not only specialize in their local niche markets, but possess a deeper knowledge of local conditions that ultimately enhances their ability to negotiate on your behalf.

4. Concierge Services: Every inquiry we receive on one of our listings is directed to an experienced team member where it will be expertly handled with professional courtesy by a licensed and highly trained Realtor. It’s the best way for us to assure that our client’s critical needs are being met to exceed expectations.

5. Marketing Savvy: We create customized, professional quality marketing materials for each property we represent that are used to effectively promote the property via direct mail and newsprint, as well as local, regional & other consumer publications.

6. Reliability: We know that pricing your home right the first time is critical to getting it viewed by more people and sold in a shorter time span. We employ a series of the most effective analytical tools available to derive the best price for your home.

7. Technology: We see a distinct parallel between technological advancements and providing benefits to the client. That’s why we have launched a leading edge website built with the latest UI and design standards in order to provide buyers the best real estate search experience in the area and sellers the best means by which to promote their properties.

8. Innovation: We are always looking at ways to broaden our market reach through “real time” technology. By utilizing applications such as iPhone, Blackberry and Google Search we allow your home to be effectively marketed and promoted in an increasingly mobile environment.

9. Connected to the Community: What matters to our clients is what matters to us. That’s because we not only work in the communities we serve, but we live and play here too. We make it our business to know what’s happening in the market, not only today, but every day.

10. We Are the Choice in Our Market: We are steadfast in embracing the future of real estate. By creating innovative solutions for tomorrow’s challenges, we will set the standard for business values, based on the image established by our founders and meet the needs of the clients we serve through changing times and thus, be the Real Estate Team of choice in our market, today and tomorrow.

The Vicky ChrisnerDifference

  • Industry standard isn't good enough, find out why I reject the average and go for customer-focused first approach.
  • I am involved in every aspect of the business. Don't be surprised if you call in and I can assist your needs and rise to the occasion.
  • In an industry where over 70 percent of agents leave the business in less than 2 years, I am a professional that stands out above the rest.
  • Why do most agents try to be everything to everybody? I develop expertise, so you always work with the best for you.
  • If I make you a promise, I stand by my commitment to my brand and my customers.
  • Real estate isn’t renown for being at the cutting edge – so I innovate my own technology to make it right for you.

Success Stories

Alaina Smith

‟Thank you Alaina for this very nice Facebook Review: "Vicky goes above and beyond to provide families with the best buying experience! She is honest, compassionate, and understands the market better than anyone else we worked with throughout our entire process. Highly recommended!" You can see the review, as it was written by the buyer, by clic king here” Read More ▾

Bill LaRock

‟"Vicky provided invaluable assistance to me in my recent effort to acquire residential investment property. Her experience, enthusiasm and follow-through exceeded my expectations; which were high. There was even a remarkable incident in which she clearly put my interests above her own. I would highly recommend Vicky." ......William E LaRock I assis ted Bill with the purchase of 3 investment townhomes in 2008. Although originally we didn't intend to focus our efforts in one neighborhood, at the time, there were several foreclosures in Potomac Crossing, with rock bottom pricing.  That combined with the potential rent for the area made that neighborhood nearly irresistible... and so that is where he bought all three.  Looking back, I think he wishes he'd purchased a couple more.  They have been cash flowing since day one (I am writing this update in 2013, and I know it's true because I talk to him regularly).   When Bill originally contacted me, he was inquiring on a listing of mine.  It was clear he saw no value in hiring a Buyers Agent.  But after a short time, he began to rethink his position and to interview different agents about their experience and the services they provide.  Having worked in asset management roles for large institutional investors in the area, I had quite a lot of expertise in analyzing investment properties, and I think he found that refreshing. Considering our first conversation, it's rather amazing that not too much later, Bill actually purchased the last propertysight unseen based upon my recommendation.  He also contacts me annually when the leases on these homes are coming up for renewal to get a market update and recommendations on rent growth, as he values my insights... and he does this even though both his brother and his nephew are now real estate agents in the Loudoun County market.  His continuing actions speak louder than the words of this testimonial, and I consider it a HUGE compliment, for which I will be forever grateful. See more reviews and testimonials on Vicky Chrisner, Loudoun County REALTOR, right HERE.  ” Read More ▾

Bill K

‟Special thanks to Bill K for his Rating on REALTOR.com... "You cannot go wrong with Vicky, she thinks customer first, always all the time!" ~ I have worked with Bill and his family on 2 purchases and a sale here in Northern Virginia.  It's always a joy to have loyal and repeat clients like Bill. Overall Rating: 5 Stars Market Expertise: 5 Stars Responsiveness: 5 Stars Negotiation Skills:  5 Stars Professionalism & Communication: 5 Stars [caption id="attachment_3163" align="alignleft" width="484"] Real Estate Agent Review[/caption” Read More ▾

Bob Van Horn

‟"We met Vicky a number of years ago when we were doing some research on how to sell our rental townhouse. Vicky walked us through every step of the process and did such a great job selling the house that I have felt comfortable sending friends and family her way. She is the ultimate professional and a great REALTOR!" .................. Bob Van Horn See Bob's "5 Start" review, exactly as he posted it on Google by clicking here.   I was able to sell Bob's rental townhome in Countryside in Sterling, VA several years ago.... and a friendship was born.  I absolutely adore his family, even the newest member.  I also greatly appreciate his referrals!  In fact, Mike M was one of the people that Bob referred. You can see some feedback from Mike here” Read More ▾

Eric Might

‟I have always believed that working well with others is key to ensuring that real estate transactions go as smoothly as possible, so when Eric Might, who used to be an active real estate agent in this area, offered to write a recommendation for me, I was tickled. I feel his recommendation is testimony to the fact that I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk.  Even bigger than that, Eric has recommended me to his personal friends and relatives several times. It's the highest form of flattery to be considered the "Preferred Loudoun County REALTOR" by someone that has worked in the business.  Check out Eric's recommendation on my profile on Trulia, a national real estate web site, where he wrote: I have conducted several transactions as a seller agent with Vicky in the past and by far they were the smoothest transactions I've ever conducted.  As a referral agent I've referred several friends to her and she's always gone above and beyond what was required. I will continue to refer family and friends to her and I would personally use her in a heart beat. Her experience shows in each transaction and she is one class act! You can see his actual post by clicking HERE” Read More ▾

Carrie C

‟"Vicky recently helped us sell our home. We hired her after interviewing three agents.  Simply put, Vicky helped us avoid making mistakes that would have cost us many thousands of dollars. First of all, her suggested list price was 25K higher than the next agent's.  We ended up selling for even more than that. Vicky hired a stager and photographer whose tips and tricks made our home look amazing in time for the listing and open house.  We would never have thought of certain decorating tips to make that little house look a bit bigger. We knew there was a non-urgent roof repair to be done prior to listing, and we were about to spend approx. $1400 to fix it but Vicky suggested we wait, disclose it as the contract addendum and see if the buyers would accept the roof as-is. They did!  Money saved. The buyers were concerned about an item in the home inspection report which, had we hired the wrong contractor to evaluate further, would have been a conflict of interest. Vicky helped us avoid that by bringing in an impartial structural engineer.  We will never know if a contractor would have suggested costly repairs, but the structural engineer was able to rule out major issues, averting a contract crisis! So yes, we love that she got us the most money for the house, but it was not just about the money. Vicky was always available by phone, email, or text, and very responsive to messages.  Vicky had lots of thoughtful solutions to the various issues that come up throughout this whole process.  Vicky is an experienced and knowledgeable professional - not someone who is doing real estate in her spare time to earn easy commission. Vicky really works for it and we miss talking to her every day!" .......Carrie C's REALTOR Review See the review as she posted it right here on Yelp. Carrie and her family were such a pleasure to work with!  Until I read this review, I didn't know they had interviewed multiple agents or that I had suggested a price much higher than the last agent.  Their property was unique, and finding good comps was a bit of a challenge, but I felt confident in the pricing based not just on comps but on my experience in working with buyers in that same price range.  I also know how good my stager and photographer are.... and it DOES make a difference.  We got lucky with the timing and had many offers from which to choose, it put us in a good position to be able to negotiate some of the "home inspection" type items.  One false move and things may have been different. I am thrilled that Carrie was able to see the financial benefit in my advice, some clients never see it.  It is always my goal to save my clients at least as much as I charge for my services.  With listings, that is accomplished by pricing, staging, photographing, promoting, selling, negotiating, guiding and coordinating each step of the way” Read More ▾

Nancy Lambert

‟"Vicky is a professional, friendly and honest realtor.  Her knowledge and experience guide you, making complicated processes seem simple. Very early on you learn you can trust her to listen and deliver. She is personable and she just gets it." ..........Peter and Nancy W. Read the review posted on 8/18/2013 on Trulia-just click this link Peter and Nancy had a semi custom chalet style home built through a builder client of mine in Paris, VA (Clarke County).  It was just land when they contracted for the home, so making sure that they understood eactly what they were buying, and working to coordinate the builders efforts and the buyers, plus helping them choose a lender who was flexible and responsive so they could settle as soon as the house was ready (not two weeks later while we were waiting for the appraisal and then two more weeks for underwriting), was key to making sure they were in the new house for Christmas.  It was my pleasure to assist them.  If you are thinking of building a custom or semi-custom home built, I am happy to recommend a builder. You can see more pictures of this home on my business facebook page HERE. Tags: Leesburg REALTOR, Loudoun  County REALTOR, Real Estate Agent, Western Loudoun, Custom Home, Build, How to, Review of , Real EstateLoudoun REALTO” Read More ▾

Chris Sanner

‟"Vicky was a rock for us to rely on throughout the process.  There were so many points where I panicked and Vicky talked me down that I lost count. So many stressful points were just handled for us in the background and I never even had to worry about them (sometimes I'd realize there was something to be done and contact her only to find out it had been taken care of already). Her estimate of how long we'd be on the market and for how much was spot-on, in large part due to the team of people she had assist us with staging and basic fixes. She worked hard to find us places that not only fit our budget but matched our requirements, and never tried to talk us into something she knew was outside our goals, despite a long period where no homes on the market matched what we wanted. "They do exist!" she told us, "just be patient!". Sure enough, about the time she predicted a half dozen homes popped up exactly within our range. And thanks to her guidance of when to sell and when to buy we managed to get in before the market exploded for the Summer. So you want to buy or sell in the Loudoun area? I can't recommend Vicky enough." ...Chris Sanner SEE THE REVIEW, quoted above, as written by Chris on Zillow.com. Chris and Sabrina were so much fun to work with!  The only problem we seemed to have was we'd meet to look at one house, and end up talking for two hours.   Inventory in Leesburg has been slim this year, so finding the right house did take some patience, but they got a GREAT house!  We were able to negotiate a "rent back" so that they didn't have to move out of their townhome before closing, which ultimately allowed them time to find and close on their new home, and meant they only had to move only once. [Leesburg REALTOR Review” Read More ▾

Marty Schmamann

‟"Vicky is very good.  She was very, very helpful.  She found something for my mother very quickly during what was a very difficult circumstance. She just did an outstanding job." ..........Marty Schmamann A difficult circumstance?  Wow, is that an understatement.  I don't think I was ever so nervous as during this transaction.  Out of respect for t he family, I will not share the full story.  My role, however, was to find a home Marty's mother could move into in about a month.  I had never met her, nor anyone in the family.  I had no idea what their tastes were, but she was moving from New Mexico where the architecture is quite different.  As all buyers do, she had a budget.  She also had some special needs in a home, such as requiring one level living, AND needing a music room that would fit a piano and a harp (harps are HUGE by the way).  It was no easy task....and I admit to being terrified that she would hate it. That was 2006... last week (August of 2013), Marty's mom called me to say hi.  She is still enjoying her home.  She says she can't play the harp anymore, but she still enjoys the piano.  She loves her community, and has friends that visit often.  She's still not adjusted to the humidity, but is very grateful to be close to her son, who lives about 30 minutes away.  I was SO pleased to hear from her. Read more reviews and testimonials for Vicky Chrisner, REALTOR HERE” Read More ▾

Michael Barton

‟"I got the type of home I wanted to live in with Vicky as my realtor. She is very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her as a realtor in Loudoun County, VA." .........Michael Barton See Michael's review here on Google! Michael was referred by one of his co-workers, Joe, when he needed to find a rental home in the area.  Michael is such a ve ry nice man, and I love that my job allows me to help people in the many transitions in their lives.  Joe, the coworker that referred Michael, is a repeat client who I have helped buy, sell, and rent homes, so he knew that Michael could rely on me to help with any of his real estate needs.  ” Read More ▾