What, No Cookies?

I have been working with some buyers for several months… We have looked, and looked, and looked at homes…. Foreclosures, Short Sales, Vacant Homes, Model Homes, you name it.  From the time we first entered a model home, the client commented “What, no cookies?”  It’s true… gone are the days where you can count on getting fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies at any model home.

This became the joke… Every house we went in, someone would comment “It’s nice, but there are no cookies.”  Or something like that.  Earlier this week, I showed them 2 homes that they really really liked, especially the second one.  Of course, I continued the joke… “Yeah, but there are no cookies, so we better keep looking.”

We went back the next evening to show another family member… Guess what we found?  Yep.  There were more, but we ate them.  I had to take a photo before they were gone.  They were tasty, too.

And no, it was not an open house.  But it was an owner that did absolutely EVERYTHING right as far as staging and making the home available for viewing.  She gets an A +++ !

Anyway, it got me thinking… I wonder if there is a camera in here?  You know, many people have them.  I even noticed them in another home I showed the same night.  So, let this be a warning Mr & Mrs Prospective Buyer – be careful what you say and do, you might be caught on camera.    For us, I have no idea if there was a camera or not, and we didn’t say or do anything that would be a problem, so I am not too concerned.    But it’s pretty ironic that the cookies were there the next night, don’t you think?

Oh – and in case you’re wondering… We’re waiting on a response to our offer.  Did the cookies seal the deal?  Hard to say, but it certainly sweetened things a bit.


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