Home Improvement Contractor Spotlight: Columbia Roofing

When I have a roof problem on a house I am selling, I always call:

Columbia Roofing & Home Improvement
Ashburn, VA 20147

Check them out online HERE.

Ofc: (571) 291-2320
Cell:  (202) 374-6759



How I know Andy:

I have been using Columbia Roofing for long enough now I can’t recall how I first met Andy (the owner).  What I do recall is that I had a handful of shingles missing, and my husband was afraid to climb up on the roof.  I live in a neighborhood that gets a lot of solicitors.  A couple different roofing companies knocked on my door explaining that they were doing roof repairs on my street, that they were “here”, had the “right” shingles on the truck and would be happy to make the repair for me.  “How much?” I wanted to know… $400-600 were the prices I was quoted. HA! That was ridiculous.  I sent them on their way because I already knew of a roofing contractor that does a great job with roofing replacement services.

I called my dad, asked if he’d replace my shingles.  Sure he would… but he needed to know the specs of the shingles.  I dunno the specs – the ones that are on the top of my house.  I could tell it was going to be difficult.  About that time, somehow, I became introduced to Andy.   Whether it was another agent that suggested him, I don’t recall.  What I know is he did a roof repair on a house so we could close.  He did it fast, cheap, without a lot of discussion and he solved my problem.  I asked him if he’d give me a price to replace the shingles on my house.  He said yes, he’d come look at it the next day, that I didn’t need to be there, but he’d call.  Cool.  He called me all right.  He said “I replaced the shingles. Put the bill on the door.”  At first I was a little mad, since I didn’t authorize the work.  Then he told me what he charged.  I don’t remember what it was now.  I just know it was super, super cheap compared the the bozo’s that’d knocked on my door.  When I came home, the shingles looked perfect.

Since then, I have referred him many times over. I’ve hired him to work on roofs when I am selling homes, regardless of whether I represent the buyer or the seller.  I’ve used him repeatedly for minor roof repairs at my home, too.  He always does a great job, and you can’t complain about the bill.  I just referred him to a builder client so he can put together a price for installing a metal roof on a custom home to be built.  He’s also visiting my home tomorrow to give me a price for replacing the roof on my house (mine is asphalt shingles).

Andy’s one of my “secrets” and I am sharing it with you.  He deserves to have a successful business.  I hope he always does.  I always respect a man that keeps things simple, does the work, and charges a fair price.

Thanks Andy!

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