Even A Bull Dog Likes Ice Cream

I have been called a bull dog when it comes to negotiations and just generally getting business done, but I am going to tell you a secret.  I am less of a bull dog than people think.  Oh, I CAN be a bull dog, if that is what the situation calls for.  But I’d much rather solve disagreements in other ways.

Now I am going to share another secret with you.  It’s an effective way to influence people and get them to come over to your point of view.  You’re going to laugh when I tell it to you, but I am here to assure you – it’s a complete game changer.  We should all have a such a play in our play book.

What’s my secret?  Ice Cream.

What do I do?  Tell people what I need and bribe them with ice cream if they help us out.  Remember the old commercial “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”  Turns out, people will do quite a lot for any kind of ice cream.

The sheer offer breaks down emotional walls, and changes how people feel about your request.  Now they see desperation, which makes them want to help.  And you are no longer being a jerk like everyone else.  And most importantly you made them smile – which no one else has done all day…. so they like you.

Does this really make a difference in real estate?  It sure does.  Need a trustees affidavit for a foreclosure so you can settle?  Need the HOA to bend rules so you can get an inspection done sooner and close early?  Need a condo association to agree to let you pay down someone else’s delinquency so that FHA will provide a loan?  These are very real situations that have happened to me THIS WEEK.  Had I not offered ice cream, none of these things were going to happen, and my client’s plans to buy or sell would have been terminated by now. Oh, and by the way, NONE of my clients know these stories.  After they are resolved, I might tell them.  But, in the midst of a real estate transaction when they are going crazy, they did not need the stress of knowing that the ability to complete the sale hinged on one person and their unwillingness to do something for us…. especially since I knew I could get it done.

Happy Friday Friends.  Now, go have some ice cream.


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