Why Hire A Buyers Agent

Why Hire A Buyer’s Agent?  Check out this list of 10 Reasons To Hire A Buyer’s Agent when you’re ready to buy a home.

  1. You can choose someone you like.  Agents come in every size, color and shape you can imagine.  No two are the same.  So pick one you LIKE.  You may end up spending a lot of time with this person, and really leaning on them.  Make sure you choose someone that will care about your situation and know how to help you… and someone who can make you laugh.  By the time this is over, you should feel like best friends.
  2. Easy “searching”.  While some people will find it irresistible to do their own searching by scouring newspapers, web sites and driving through neighborhoods, REALTORs have this down to a science; and can automate things for you…. With the help of a Buyer’s Agent, you’re not likely to miss much, and outstanding buyer’s agents may even be able to help you find something that’s NOT on the market yet.
  3. Convenience of scheduling showings.  Before you select an agent, ask about their availability to show you homes.  Do they have weekday, weekend and evening appointments? Any upcoming vacations?  In short: Are they available when you are?  And how far in advance do you need to book an appointment?  Once you have an understanding, scheduling a time to see properties is surely going to be a breeze.  And, by chance, if you happen to “need” an emergency showing, an agent that you’re working with is much more likely to move around personal and other business commitments to make sure she can get you in quickly than some random person you happen to call.
  4. Reliable Advice. If you’re working with an experienced buyer’s agent, she should be able to guide you and explain the “typical” contract & process, as well as help you determine a reasonable asking price.  Sure, every buyer wants the best deal possible, but getting a lower priced property doesn’t necessarily make it the best value; and putting in a low bid may only get you rejected.  If you want to buy, you are going to have a better shot of doing so if you know what sellers are likely expecting, and what other buyers might be offering.  Your agent is not trying to get the seller what they want, they are trying to help you get the house you want, and a deal that works for you.  Sometimes (like with investors), it’s more about the deal than the house.  But when you’re buying for yourself, the opposite might be true, or your goals might be to find the balance of those two.  Your agent will work to understand your goals and then advise you accordingly.
  5. Trustworthy Referrals.  Again, your agent represents YOU.  So when she refers you to a lender, home inspector, or closing company, she is taking into account the information you have provided so she can offer you referrals to providers that are going to best meet your needs.  She is NOT working for “kickbacks” or to send business to her friends.  Sure, there are a few situations that hit the headlines where agents have breached that trust, but the reason they are newsworthy is because it is NOT the norm.
  6. Keeps Your Secrets.  Did you let a secret slip while looking at properties?  Maybe you seemed “too anxious” to buy a particular home.  Or perhaps you mentioned that while you like the property you’re not sure if you can get a loan quite that high.  Well, relax.  As long as you were with YOUR agent (and not in front of the seller or their agent), your secret is safe.  That promise of confidentiality is actually legally enforceable.
  7. Represents You in Negotiations.  Newsflash:  Negotiations do not start when you write the offer.  They can start as early as when you make a phone call to see a house.  Sellers and their agents are drawing conclusions about you from the moment they get your call… they determine if they think you are a serious buyer, if you are qualified to buy, maybe if you are the kind of person they can trust or if you will fit into the neighborhood.  A buyer’s agent knows that, and works to set the stage from the very first contact…. Just in case that house is “the one”.  And, when the time comes, they will present your offer, discuss your needs, and work for your interests during each contact.  It’s a tough balance to push for an offer the way it’s presented without saying “take it or leave it” because playing hard ball often gets you only a rejection, especially if the market is competitive.
  8. Coordinates everything.  Phew.  You finally ratify a contract but JIMENY CRICKET there was a lot of stuff in that contract.  When do we have to do what again?  That’s where your agent comes in.  Inspections, appraisals, title work and more are often ordered by the agent(s) in the transaction without discussion beyond the contract so it appears to happen automatically and seamlessly… but that is just an illusion.  Someone is making that happen, and it’s usually your agent.  AND, did you know your agent is often negotiating prices behind the scenes, too?  Our job is to make sure that you do not pay more than necessary for the services you need, and to alert you if something seems suspect.
  9. Relationships and Resources. So what happens when things go wrong?  Listen, things DO go wrong sometimes.  So what happens if that happens in your case?  An experienced buyer’s agent relationships with a broker, colleagues, attorneys, inspectors, contractors and a plethora of others that are able to provide the information you need to get over any hurdles that might appear.
  10. Costs You NOTHING.    You read that right.  You get all the services listed above and the vast majority of the time buyers do not pay a dime for the services.  Be sure to understand when you might encounter an “exception” to this rule, but generally speaking, you can relax… You’ll have your choice of properties, the benefit of representation, guidance and assistance, and pay nothing.

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