Who Pooped The Poop? (VARBuzz)

This post from VARBuzz was too funny (and interesting) not to share:

Here’s the scoop (sorry): DNA testing is now cheap and easy enough that condo complexes are using it to identify whose dog has pooped where it shouldn’t.

[Insert cliché CSI reference here.]

From USA Today:

PooPrints, a division of BioVet Pet Lab, developed a process in which DNA samples can be collected from dogs. The samples then can be used to determine which dogs are leaving waste behind. The company, based in Knoxville. Tenn., markets the service to property management companies, apartment complexes, condos and homeowner’s associations.

Unfortunately the article is missing some crucial pieces of information. “Getting the DNA sample is $29.95 per dog,” but it doesn’t explain whether condos are requiring every dog owner to submit to (and pay for) the test, nor what the legal issues are. (You wouldn’t get me to submit to one, that’s for sure.)

It may not make a difference. Apparently condos who are using the service report that incidence of wayward scat (note: good name for a band) have dropped. So just the possibility of science is enough to scare residents into compliance.

Go read it. You know you want to.

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