Update Your Home on a Budget

Does your home need refreshing for the new year? After spending so much time at home in 2020, many of us are ready to infuse our living spaces with new energy. January is a great time to tackle home updates, and the good news is that you can easily do it on a budget. Here are the best ideas we’ve found for giving your home a new life without breaking the bank.

Add a fresh coat of paint

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your home is to hire painters and decorators dublin to add a fresh coat of paint. New paint gives a room new energy. And choosing a different color can make the room feel completely different. Decide on a color based on your needs.

If you want to update your home office, then choose colors that make you feel energetic. Bedroom repaints should focus on colors that will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. Don’t forget to add fresh paint to doors and trim while you’re at it. You might even experiment with painting doors black instead of white.

Do a mindful edit

Another way to refresh your home doesn’t cost anything at all — completing a mindful edit. This means going through each room and eliminating clutter. You can donate items you no longer use. Switching things up can also recharge your living spaces. That club chair that normally lives in your bedroom may make a great office chair. Or perhaps the table lamps in the living room can be swapped with those in your bedroom.

Install new lights

Old lighting fixtures can make your home feel outdated. Investing in new bollard lights won’t break the bank and will help to energize your living spaces. Consider adding new lights in the bathroom, kitchen, and hallways. You can read this post by Poss Electric on under cabinet lighting in Woodstock, GA. Or take the project a step further and add recessed lights. Play with the color and quality of light in each room by swapping out traditional bulbs with smart lights that can be programmed to change with your mood.

Swap out old fixtures

Do you want to change-up your kitchen without investing in an expensive renovation? Then consider something as simple as swapping out doorknobs and handles. It will surprise you how much this can affect the overall look and feel of your kitchen. You may also invest in new Galvanized Kitchenware. Little details can often pack a big punch. 

Buy new window treatments

Are you getting tired of looking at the same blinds and curtains day-in and day-out? Take a look to the options that roller shutters Melbourne has available.

Buy new window blinds and treatments and have a new blind installation done. This is another small investment that can pay off big. You can even find Crushed Synthetic Velvet that you can buy and fashion into nice curtains. You’ll choose it so it’ll be to your liking, and you’ll have a story to go with it, in that you were the one who made them. If you’re not sure what to go for, you can always go bold with color and prints, or keep it low-key with classy, neutral colors. Look to the colors in your room to guide you.

Indulge your green thumb

Finally, jump on the gardening bandwagon and add some new plants your indoor landscape. This is a wonderful way to jumpstart the new year, especially for those who live in a cold climate. Plants are an affordable way to add life and energy to any room, and can even help filter the air.

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