“We love our home and Vicky helped us find it.

We wanted something special and different and Vicky listened to us, looked, found and showed us the perfect contemporary house.

Vicky is very knowledgeable, and she was helpful and very pleasant to work with from the beginning, when we started looking at houses, until we purchased our dream home. Vicky showed us the house on time, because unmistakably she expected it would draw multiple bids. She made the right suggestions and prepared a great contract for the house.

We highly recommend her.”


See the review, right here as she posted it, on G+

I think that Chari’s sale was the first sale I ever made as a direct result of Facebook.  I’d been helping Chari look for the right home using all the typical methods and we were coming up empty.  I began to tap into less common sources to try to find their home.  Then finally, one evening, the photographer I use for my real estate photography posted photos on her business page of a home that not yet on the market.  The second I saw it, I knew it was the one, even though it did not fit 100% of the criteria we’d been searching.  I contacted Chari immediately and she fell in love.  We made arrangements to see it the next night, knowing it was going on the market that day.  We were one of MANY lined up to see the house, so putting together a competitive bid was critical.  Even after we submitted a great offer it still took some persuasiveness to get the seller to take the offer and not get greedy and “wait” for another offer which may be better.

Their home is very unique, and it was SO cool; and Chari has the most wonderful family.
It was truly my pleasure to work with them on the purchase of their first home.  The problem with helping someone find their dream home is that they tend to live there a very long time, which means I probably won’t get to help them on their next real estate adventure for a long while.  That’s OK, it makes me smile to think they love it that much.

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