Sean W

” Vicky is an amazing REALTOR.  I imagine she treats every client as if they were a friend or family member as she has done with us. Vicky has gone above and beyond for us in the purchase of two homes now. The consummate professional who is also very down to earth. She will have our business for life. “

I first met Sean when I was helping his (then) girlfriend (now wife) buy a home. They were referred by his stepfather, who had been an agent in my office and who knew I would take good care of them.  Fast forward a decade or so and it was my honor to help her sell that home, and find a new, potentially “forever”,  home for their family.  It is SO cool feeling like an extension of someone’s family, watching them as they get married and start a family, meeting their children… it’s probably the best part of my job.  Although I *always* wanted to a real estate agent, and I always knew it was about the people and not the properties, I had no idea just how rewarding this part of it it would truly be.

Thank you, Sean, for this great review and for your touching words.

You can see the review yourself by clicking this link. 

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