Cindy Riehl

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Vicky says:

Cindy is the “big sister” of my closest early childhood friend.  This year I had the honor of selling their grandparents’ home after their 101 year old grandfather passed away.  Their grandparents were the first  and only owners of that home, which they purchased in 1952.

It was pretty special to me, as it’s the first time I have sold a home where I personally had so many memories.  It was bittersweet, but I am so happy they chose to have me handle it with them. 

If those walls could talk… well, I know some of what they would say.  They would tell tales of the little boy who grew up there, who created a bowling alley in the unfinished (but floored) attic.. the marks are still on the floor, and a few of the score sheets were still tacked to the rafters.  The walls would tell tales of so many slumber parties, backyard cookouts,  and dance/pj parties.  I remember catching fireflies in the backyard, and turning on the disco light on the screened porch where we’d dance the night away.  And somehow, that two bedroom, one bath 932 square foot one level home always had enough space for the sleeping bags of half a dozen girls where we’d retire after we had our seance, too scared to come out from under the zipped up sleeping bags again until sunrise.  

And we’re all so delighted, because although selling the home was difficult, the family that bought the home has a little boy, and when Cindy drove by months after the sale, she saw the boy and his dad working in the carport… much the way we imagine their father and grandfather did many years ago.  

This business is so little about the house, and so much more about the people.  For a house like this, marketing and selling it is all about helping the house tell it’s story, helping the walls “talk”. It’s an agent’s goal to give the home a narrative, and when we’re successful at that, not only does the home sell, but it sells to the right buyer.

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