Tax Assessments: Are You Paying Too Much?

The new county assessments are out, and while we don’t have our tax rate yet here in Loudoun County (and therefore do not know what we will have to pay in taxes yet), we do know that (for the most part) assessments went UP. So we can all be certain that we’ll be paying at least the same, and likely more, than we did last year in real estate taxes.

You can argue taxes are high enough, or too high. For that, contact your Board of Supervisors representatives so they can consider your opinion when setting the tax rate and budgeting procedures. On an individual basis, however, that argument doesn’t get too far… unless…

First of all, if your household is a low-moderate income household and you areelderly or disabled (according to their definition, not mine) then you might qualify fortax relief. Click here to learn more about that, and know that your options for applying for this come but once a year, so don’t procrastinate.

Secondly, if your assessment is too high, it can make your taxes “too high” compared to other Loudoun property owners, and you can ask the county to review your assessment and make an adjustment. 

But how do you know if your taxes are too high? That’s where I come in. If you’re interested in checking out the sales nearest you to find out if the value is accurate, then just send me a quick email. Here’s what I need:

Your name, phone number & address. 

If you’re in a neighborhood of condos, townhomes, or production homes, it’s a pretty easy look to see what’s been selling in your neighborhood, and I probably won’t need any more info. If you’re in a more unique home, I’ll probably need to call you for more information. Either way, I’m happy to do it. 

I feel strongly that we all need to pay our fair share… and not a penny more. 

Vicky Chrisner
Selling Homes & Land in Loudoun County & Beyond
[email protected]

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