Searching the Listings of Homes For Sale

I often get inquiries about homes for sale on my web site…. that’s the good news.  The other good news is that my web site is an almost live link to the local MLS.  So, if you see a home listed for sale on my web site it’s actually a home for sale. (Some web sites are not updated so quickly, and you might see listings of homes that haven’t been on the market for some time.) When REALTORS update their listings of luxury homes for sale, my web site is updated within minutes.

The yucky news is that some people don’t know what the information that they see means.

When you see a home listed as “available” on my web site but it says “PENDING” under status that means that there is a contract which is contingent.  In a few cases it may be a contingency like a home sale contingency where those contract buyers have to sell their own home before they can purchase the one you’re looking at.  But we don’t see a lot of those, usually it is contingent with no kick out… that means that even if you provide a fabulous offer, the sellers can’t accept it unless the existing contract buyers back out.

I hope this helps… a little.  I feel bad because just this morning I got an inquiry about a listing for sale which is under contingent contract, and the potential buyers drove from South Riding where they live now to Berryville where the home for sale is just to check out the area… if they’d known that the house was essentially no longer available they probably wouldn’t have spent their Saturday morning that way.



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