The 3 Rs: Referrals, Relationships and Rewards

I often say referrals are the lifeblood of my business, and it’s true.

Yesterday, I completed a sale for a buyer who was referred to me by a former real estate agent that I’d worked with (who has referred a few clients to me over the years) and a former client.  They work with a gentleman that has relocated and was ready to purchase a home….and tonight Mike is sitting in his new home, trying to figure out what all that Verizon equipment in his house does.

This morning, I received an email from an Barbara Reagan, an agent in Richmond Virginia that I had referred a buyer to.  Joe (the buyer) is the son of a repeat client – I’d sold a home for him, assisted him with 2 rentals while he was in transition – and about 2 months ago helped him purchase a home.  Joe closed on his home yesterday.  (By the way, Barbara did a fabulous job for my client and I highly recommend her.)

Earlier in the week, I connected an agent who specializes in historic properties in Winchester with someone I know who plans to relocate there in the not so distant future.

That’s just the last few days.  Agent to agent referrals are the norm for me.  I probably give or receive one about every 1-2 weeks.  Not all of them turn into a closed transaction, because many times people don’t end up relocating or they otherwise change directions, but many referrals do.

That’s why I work hard to know agents everywhere so that when YOU need a referral to an agent in another area, I can connect you.

My favorite referral story is a few years old.  I met someone on line, Elen, that needed a referral to an agent in Los Angelos.  I ran through my networks, found several, did phone interviews, checked online resources, and narrowed the list, providing Elen with 3 potential names and information about each one.  She talked to them, called me, and we weighed pros and cons before she chose to work with Igor Korosec.   A week later, his business partner needed to send a referral to the Northern Virginia area, and I was able to assist Vitaliy with the purchase of his first home.  Igor did a fabulous job with Elen, I know because I checked in with her several times.  I did a great job (this is me, patting myself on the back) with Vitaliy – getting him to the settlement table the DAY that the last ‘no money down’ loan option was set to expire (real estate professionals will remember the AmeriDream and Neimiah loans). One day later and he wouldn’t have been able to purchase… (and yes, his condo is worth more now than when he purchased. Don’t be jealous.  It’s all about timing.)

Fast forward a few years later, I am currently working with Vitaliy and his new wife to find a larger home to start their family.  I recently learned that Elen is now working as an assistant to Igor. Igor and I stay connected through emails, occasional phone calls and online networking sites.  Despite the fact that I have never met him, I adore him, and consider him a friend.  I just know there will be more to this awesome story.

The story of our lives is so interesting… how one small thing leads to something much bigger that you’d never expect.  It’s why I focus much of my business on giving and receiving referrals.

So, if you need a referral to an agent anywhere in the country, I’d like to help.  Likewise, if you are an agent anywhere in the country, and you need to find an agent that values referrals, you just found her.

Vicky Chrisner, Fieldstone Real Estate


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