Now Is The Time To Refinance Your FHA Loan!

Yesterday I received another “Mortgage Minute” video from one of my favorite lenders, Pat Cunningham at Home Savings Trust. These videos are sent to his sphere of real estate agents so we can provide updates and information to our clients.  In this video (as always) he gives some good information.  But the most exciting news in this update won’t even impact my real estate business. It could, however,  impact your life.

Did you buy a home prior to May 2009 with an FHA loan? If so, this new deal effects YOU. Pat said they have a new option to refinance those loans – which are likely about a 5% interest rate – into today’s loan prices (approximately 3.75%), and you will NOT have to pay the new mortgage insurance rates, there will be no appraisal, and no closing costs. For many of you, this could save a couple hundred dollars a month.

Watch the video yourself (note: He talks about this last, so you can skip to a little more than half way through the video if this is all you wish to hear.)

Want more information?  Talk to Pat:
Patrick Cunningham
Main Number: (703) 766-4636
Fax Number: (703) 352-1289
Email: [email protected]


I will be forwarding this post to several of my past clients… I hope you pass this on to anyone else you know.   I want you to remember that I am always looking out for you, and will be sharing news that I think you can use whether you’re in the market to buy or sell, or not.  So, stay tuned to my business facebook page at

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