Hire A Girl Scout

Did you know that I am a Girl Scout?  Yep.  I was a leader for 5 years, and even though I took the year off, I still support my daughter’s troop.   You know what that means?  That’s right.  I have cookie connections!  And that, in itself, is a strong enough reason to hire a Girl Scout as your REALTOR, don’t ya think?

Not only only do I have a direct line to hook you up with the good stuff, I have been known to do things…. things like… Offer free cookies to any current or former clients who are still local via my Facebook business page.

Check out these cute little packages some of my special “qualifying” clients got today!

The take aways from this little blog post?
1. Hire a Girl Scout.
2. Stay glued to her Facebook page during cookie season.

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