Clients Say The Darnedest Things

I think I may need to do a video series called “Clients Say The Darnedest Things”…. For now, this quick little blog post is going to have to do.  Here are some favorite quotes from buyers who were relocating from other areas.  I guess the National Association of REALTORs (R) is right, real estate IS local.

“Oh Goodie! A COAT CLOSET! I have been dreaming of having a coat closet!” ~ Lisa, from Florida.  I guess coat closets aren’t very common in Florida.

“You put REAL wood in there and catch it on fire? On purpose?” ~ Armando, also from Florida, about a woodburning fireplace.  Apparently, he’d only ever seen them in the movies before our house hunting trip.

Those poor Floridians. What do they have?

“Why is everything around here so ‘colonial’ looking?” ~ Jamie, from Nebraska.    I’ll admit, I hadn’t ever realized before that day just how prevalent the colonial homestyle is here in Northern Virginia.  I guess we’re really proud of that colonial heritage ’round these parts. 

“Why are there stairs in almost every house?” ~ many buyers from various places in the mid-west.

I am pleased to report, I know the answer to this one! Everyone wants to live here, and in order to make that happen, we have to create small lots so we can share the space with the most people possible. Then when people want big houses, they can’t build it all on one level, they have to build 2-4 story places… which requires stairs.

Ding. Ding. One point for Vicky!

“Is it a problem to live so close to the airport?” ~ John from rural upstate New York.  This one was a trick question for me, since I have basically lived on every side of Dulles airport for most of my life, and no where else. I like it.   I can give you a ton of reasons to like it… but how could it possibly be a “problem”? That is what I sat there wondering for several minutes. Aha! I do remember one problem we used to have… but no more…  “Nope, not since we got cable!”

Turns out, he was worried about the noise being a nuisance. Turns out, he probably should have asked someone else because I don’t notice the sound. I think I lost a point on that one, if you happen to be keeping score.

“Is this a safe place to live? I mean, I didn’t see any guards and there aren’t bars on the windows.” ~ Janetta who has mostly lived overseas in American compounds, commonly in very scary places in the world.

It’s just fun working with people from all over the country and all over the world. Expectations are so different… and I find it rather amusing to hear some of the questions and comments from buyers who are relocating from everywhere.

If you’re thinking of moving to the Dulles area, and if you don’t mind if I giggle a little at a few of your questions, I’d sure enjoy the opportunity to show you around, and show you the home choices in our area.

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