Back From Vacation

Ugh. I hate that it’s true, but I am back from vacation…. My family enjoyed a great week at Ocean City. We had a great condo overlooking the bay, just 2 blocks from the inlet and the ocean. And, it came complete with electricity, running water and air conditioning… more than I can say about many locations in Loudoun which STILL remain without power after a crazy storm Friday the 29th… that is 8 days ago for those of you counting.

Anywho…. Despite kicking and screaming about having to pack up to come back and face the real world, here I am, at home. WE have power here, thankfully (or I would have stayed in OC).

And, it’s back to work tomorrow morning for me. First appointment … 10:30 am. Ugh. It’s not that I don’t love my clients or my job – I do… I just love vacation more. You don’t really blame me, do you?

If you have been one of those wonderful patient people….thanks so much for waiting.

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