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Staging the Front Door

Don’t spend so much time making sure your house looks perfect on the inside, that you forget to take a fresh look at it from the outside. Not only will your potential buyers be judging your home from the curb, they will be judging it from the driveway while they wait for the agent, they will be judging it from the doorstep while their agent fumbles with the lockbox.  They are going to spend a lot of time staring at the front entry.

A backyard deck is one of those things that you don’t know you need until you have it. It expands your living space, maximizes your property, and adds value to your home. As we work our way through winter and into spring, it may be the right time to consider making plans for a new deck addition on your home. When it comes to outdoor living space, you have a number of options. You can go with a patio, gazebo, screened porch, front porch, and other options. And while all of these are great, they aren’t nearly as versatile or practical as a backyard deck.

If you’re an extremely practical person, then the increased resale value a deck brings with it is one of the first things you’ll think about. A deck is a great way to add useable space without spending the premium that comes with adding indoor living space. While a backyard deck won’t add the same amount of financial value as an indoor addition would, most homebuyers will ultimately pay a premium for outdoor living space when comparing two similar properties. Most of them are looking for a patio tv mount already installed there. On average, you can expect a 75 percent return on investment when you add a deck to your property.

As homeowners, we all love to relax outside, and tips for staging your deck is essential for beautiful curb appeal, when considering to g for remodels in your deck area, visit to get new ideas of different styles you can use for your next renovation. Whether you’re considering deck decorating ideas by adding color and textures for a welcoming appeal, or you want to stage your deck with a grill and entertaining spaces, it’s essential to make your patio deck area inviting as well as safe throughout the changing seasons.

Meanwhile, you have no idea what your entry looks like because you come and go through the garage and the back door. Make sure the driveway and walkway are clear and in good condition, if not, let the experts from the best company like the driveway pavers tampa services handle it.

Don’t forget to ask for the imprinted concrete driveways prices, so you may know if your budget is enough for this task. It is really important that the front doors and the surrounding entrance area look clean and homey. Tell the truth, you haven’t looked at the front of your house since last Christmas. Here’s a quick pic stolen from an article from Modern Design about staging.  It illustrates beautifully that perfectly nice entry doors can become irresistibly adorable with a little attention.

And what I like about the picture is more than that, what else does this picture illustrate perfectly?  It shows  you what staging is. Front DoorTake a look.  Which one do you want to buy?  It’s a no brainer, right?  But which one do you want to LIVE in? Do you really care that much what the lights look like out front, and if you do, would red be your first choice?  The plants on the porch of the staged home are much bigger, and that’s going to be lousy with kids and groceries, isn’t it?

And who doesn’t want a storm door? And yet…. which one appeals to us most? So, when I or my stager visit your home, please don’t be appealed when we suggest things that are counter intuitive – like removing the IMPROVEMENT of your screen door.  I know we sound crazy, but we’re not.

You may visit a store like if you want to have a good and stylish front door. Disclaimer:   I don’t believe in ONE SIZE FITS ALL advice… I really don’t.  So, before you call me out to look at your place, please do not incorporate everything in that article.  Just read it.  Consider it.  And don’t be surprised when I, or my stager, make some of the same suggestions.  And don’t freak out when we make others either, or even the opposite.  Every house is different. Let me help you save time and money.  Let me help you by calling me EARLY.

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