Tina Bulaong

Cedar Chalet

“THANK YOU VICKI! You are a real PRO!!!! You got my home sold and kept me informed about every single detail… and get this folks, Im in Baghdad, Iraq!   Vicki, I am eternally grateful for your professionalism. Thank you for all you have done. Now I can officially start over this New Year.  God Bless you and I must take you out for dinner when I return next summer!


REALTOR Review of Vicky ChrisnerGifts of Appreciation
By Tina B 
Read the review for yourself as posted on “The Real Estate Whisperer”
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I was pleased to work with Tina several times.  I was the listing agent when she purchased her home from the builder.  Then later, when she took an overseas assignment, I listed her property for rent for her.  When that tenant decided to move, and she was back overseas on another assignment, she knew it was time to sell.. and the market had recovered enough that she “could”.  She’s a fabulous person, and 

for her, managing this property when she was rarely there, was a logistical nightmare.  I am glad I could help.  I am glad I could be her “homeland link”, I am glad she felt she could trust me to represent her interests fully when she was so very far away.  It was my pleasure to assist her, and her appreciation is overflowing (check out the flowers and gifts she sent me!).  I look forward to continuing a relationship with her going forward.

thanks tina

As my daughter said many years ago, “My Mommy helps people, sells houses and makes new friends.”  … I love my job, ‘cuz that is exactly what I get to do every day.


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