“Vicky did a great job selling my home in 2006.
Looking back, there’s no denying that the market was headed for a plunge, but in 2006 I didn’t want to hear it. She was patient with me, but also honest. We adjusted the price, and had lots of showings but still no offers.
I also didn’t want to “stage” my house – it seemed like a big unnecessary hassle. After about 45 days of trying it my way, Vicky said “If you really want to sell, we need to stage your home. It’s not very big, but I can help you make it look bigger. Will you let me help you sell this house?” I reluctantly agreed.
Well, I left my house for a day and she and another gal came in and staged it. I was sure it would not make a difference, and I have some physical limitations, so I was also sure it would be impossible for me to live there comfortably once she moved everything. But I was surprised. The place looked great and she was very careful to make sure that I had no problem getting around. Before she left, she made me try out using the kitchen, bed, and bathrooms to be absolutely sure it wasn’t going to be an issue.
She took new photos and went home to spend the evening and the next morning getting those pictures published and get ready for an open house for other agents the next day. I remained skeptical, but knew she was trying.
Would you know it? Someone showed up as she was setting up for the open house and I was leaving. They wanted to see the house…. and then they wanted to write a contract.
Vicky got me a full price offer with all the terms I needed! Wow. I should have listened to her sooner.
Not only do I recommend you CHOOSE Vicky Chrisner as your REALTOR I recommend you TRUST her to guide you, even if she sounds crazy to you. She really does know what she’s doing. And she really does care, not just about getting the sale through, but about YOU and accomplishing all your goals.”

…….CD’s REALTOR Review

See the review as she posted it right here on Trulia.

“CD” was like many sellers in 2006, she really thought the market was still escalating, but those of us in the market knew that the activity level was rapidly declining and prices were starting to take a hit.  Staging brings the highest offers that any house can get…. but pricing it at market is critical too.   Once we got the property priced and staged, the house sold with a full price offer to the very next person that saw it.  I am so very happy she was able to sell the home so she could relocate, and she is right:  I DO care and my focus is always on helping clients acheive their goals.

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