Kim Turman

“I love Vicky, she really is the best. It’s not just about the sale with her, she cares about you and your happiness too! Since meeting her the first time, she’s not just my realtor for life, she’s also my friend. It’s been almost a year since I purchased my home and she has helped me with a home warranty issue and helped me find a local HVAC company. I won’t be buying again anytime soon but if I was, Vicky would be my girl. Since selling my condo and buying my house, she has also sold my parent’s house (before hitting the market for over asking) and helped them find their retirement home (on 15 acres). I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.”

~Kim Turman, Seller, Buyer, Referrer, Friend.


Golly, I’m not sure what I can say except THANK YOU.  That is truly a lovely testimonial, Kim.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate you on so many levels.  When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she described my job to her teacher, “My mommy sells houses, helps people and makes new friends.”  I thought there could be no better mission statement in the world.  Hearing from you that I have accomplished that means so very much.  And yes, I feel very much the same.  I hope to not just be your REALTOR for life, but your friend for life, too!

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Loudoun County REALTOR, Review

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