Bill LaRock

2013-09-01_1216“Vicky provided invaluable assistance to me in my recent effort to acquire residential investment property. Her experience, enthusiasm and follow-through exceeded my expectations; which were high. There was even a remarkable incident in which she clearly put my interests above her own. I would highly recommend Vicky.”

……William E LaRock

I assisted Bill with the purchase of 3 investment townhomes in 2008.

Although originally we didn’t intend to focus our efforts in one neighborhood, at the time, there were several foreclosures in Potomac Crossing, with rock bottom pricing.  That combined with the potential rent for the area made that neighborhood nearly irresistible… and so that is where he bought all three.  Looking back, I think he wishes he’d purchased a couple more.  They have been cash flowing since day one (I am writing this update in 2013, and I know it’s true because I talk to him regularly).  

When Bill originally contacted me, he was inquiring on a listing of mine.  It was clear he saw no value in hiring a Buyers Agent.  But after a short time, he began to rethink his position and to interview different agents about their experience and the services they provide.  Having worked in asset management roles for large institutional investors in the area, I had quite a lot of expertise in analyzing investment properties, and I think he found that refreshing.

Considering our first conversation, it’s rather amazing that not too much later, Bill actually purchased the last propertysight unseen based upon my recommendation.  He also contacts me annually when the leases on these homes are coming up for renewal to get a market update and recommendations on rent growth, as he values my insights… and he does this even though both his brother and his nephew are now real estate agents in the Loudoun County market.  His continuing actions speak louder than the words of this testimonial, and I consider it a HUGE compliment, for which I will be forever grateful.

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