Carrie C

“Vicky recently helped us sell our home. We hired her after interviewing three agents.  Simply put, Vicky helped us avoid making mistakes that would have cost us many thousands of dollars.

First of all, her suggested list price was 25K higher than the next agent’s.  We ended up selling for even more than that.

Vicky hired a stager and photographer whose tips and tricks made our home look amazing in time for the listing and open house.  We would never have thought of certain decorating tips to make that little house look a bit bigger.

We knew there was a non-urgent roof repair to be done prior to listing, and we were about to spend approx. $1400 to fix it but Vicky suggested we wait, disclose it as the contract addendum and see if the buyers would accept the roof as-is. They did!  Money saved.

The buyers were concerned about an item in the home inspection report which, had we hired the wrong contractor to evaluate further, would have been a conflict of interest. Vicky helped us avoid that by bringing in an impartial structural engineer.  We will never know if a contractor would have suggested costly repairs, but the structural engineer was able to rule out major issues, averting a contract crisis!

So yes, we love that she got us the most money for the house, but it was not just about the money. Vicky was always available by phone, email, or text, and very responsive to messages.  Vicky had lots of thoughtful solutions to the various issues that come up throughout this whole process.  Vicky is an experienced and knowledgeable professional – not someone who is doing real estate in her spare time to earn easy commission. Vicky really works for it and we miss talking to her every day!”

…….Carrie C’s REALTOR Review

See the review as she posted it right here on Yelp.

Carrie and her family were such a pleasure to work with!  Until I read this review, I didn’t know they had interviewed multiple agents or that I had suggested a price much higher than the last agent.  Their property was unique, and finding good comps was a bit of a challenge, but I felt confident in the pricing based not just on comps but on my experience in working with buyers in that same price range.  I also know how good my stager and photographer are…. and it DOES make a difference.  We got lucky with the timing and had many offers from which to choose, it put us in a good position to be able to negotiate some of the “home inspection” type items.  One false move and things may have been different.

I am thrilled that Carrie was able to see the financial benefit in my advice, some clients never see it.  It is always my goal to save my clients at least as much as I charge for my services.  With listings, that is accomplished by pricing, staging, photographing, promoting, selling, negotiating, guiding and coordinating each step of the way.

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