Lori says:

” I’m thankful to Vicky Chrisner for getting my house sold so smoothly!  If you need an agent in the Northern Virginia area, I highly recommend her! “

I met Lori years ago when I was selling a home for her that she had owned with someone else.  It was a difficult market then but we got it done! Then, I had the opportunity to help her find her next home.  The third transaction was this year, when I had the chance to help her sell this home when she retired so she could move out to the “country”.

Once upon a time, Lori was  licensed real estate agent.   Real estate is a multi-layered and complex business, hard to explain, even though it may look easy from the outside.   I always feel complimented when someone who has been in the industry, someone who “gets it”, chooses me to represent them.

Since she posted this on her personal page, I am unable to provide a link.

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