Photo Contest

I’m holding a photo contest this year as we are in search of photos to add to our 2016 calendar. The theme is “Home Is…” and we’re looking for pictures that explain what “Home” is to you.

When I asked a few groups to finish that sentence, I got the cliche’ “Wherever I hang my hat” or “Where the heart is” but I got some other great responses, too… Everything from “Chaos” to “Where I can paint my walls black” to “Messy” to “A place to decompress” to “Where my dogs are” and so many more. So what is “home” to you? Send me your photos… I want to know.


Anyone can submit a digital photo for consideration to be used in the calendar. Anyone.

When you submit the photo you give us rights to use it, so don’t send us photos that you didn’t take.  We are specifically looking for photos for our calendar, but we will post them on our social media accounts or in other ways use the photos.  When you send us the photos, you’re giving us the right to use them at our discretion.

In order to be considered for the calendar, the photo will have to be sized right and be able to be printed without being a big blur. Even if your photo is AWESOME, it might not meet that criteria, and it is going to mean the printer has the ultimate veto power.

If you want “photo credit”, please add your name into the image (like a water mark).  I promise we will not remove that.  But don’t cover the image because then we won’t use the photo; add it down near the bottom like an artist signs his work – so it doesn’t interfere with the picture.   On the other hand, maybe you want to send this anonomously, and  would KILL me if I printed your name next to your photo.  Like, say, you submit  a photo of your kid finger painting with dog poo, then maybe you don’t want your name listed. I understand that. No problem.  I still want the photo.  (Please?  I can almost guarrantee that’s a winner.) There are big points for any photo that causes laughter, gasps,  or tears.  You know that picture of the Thanksgiving turkey on the floor?  Yeah, I need it.  I’m not saying you should stage that or anything, but, you know, turkeys will be on sale this month.   😉

WIN: Yes, there’s something to win! Everyone who submits a photo that is used in the calendar will get a free calendar and a $25 VISA gift card. *IF* the photo is taken in a house or on a property that I sold (or rented) for you or to you, then you get extra credit, and if your photo is chosen for the calendar you will get TWO  calendars and a $50 VISA gift card.

Remember, we’re going to be looking for things that in some way compliment the month where we’ll have the photo, so don’t just send me holiday photos because you have holidays on the brain. I need photos from all months of the year – and it doesn’t even have to be from this past year. Include your pets, your kids, your mess. It’s REAL LIFE.

And that is, let’s be honest, what lets us know we’re home.

The last day we will be accepting photos is November 30th. Please be sure to include your mailing address, so that I know where to send the calendar! (By the way, if you think you’ll probably use the calendar in your office, you’re welcome to say that and add that address to the email.  I can send it directly there.)

Got more questions? We’ll try to answer them.

Send photos or questions to MyAgentVicky(at) and either Carrie (my handy-dandy assistant) or I will get back with you ASAP.

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