Open Houses Loudoun County August 12, 2012

Maybe you’re thinking of moving and ready to start tire kicking… maybe, just maybe.  But maybe you’re not yet ready to call me to help you really get things going.  That’s OK.  Many people start with checking things out at open houses.

In an attempt to make your life easy, I have a list of ALL the open houses in Loudoun County… and every weekend I will post the list for you.

For Sunday, August 12, 2012, all the open houses in Loudoun County, VA are listed right here.  Just click the link.  This week there is a total of 86 open houses… and surely there’s something that will catch your fancy!

Like maybe this great home for sale on 10 fabulous acres in Purcellville.  It’s a brand new, never before lived in home designed and built with amazing TLC by Pine Run Development Corp (PRDC).  Now that it’s complete; and  with a $120K price drop, it will surely sell fast.  You can see the full listing right here.

I would invite you to come see me at my open house except I am not doing one this weekend. You see, I will be out shopping with my buyer clients.  One advantage of hiring a buyers agent is you can go house shopping on your schedule rather than waiting for an open house or trying to coordinate through the listing office.  So, when you’re ready to get serious about your house hunt, give me a call.

Until then, have fun checkin’ out the neighborhoods and snacking on the cookies.  And, oh, while you’re chatting it up with the lovely agent in the open house, remember something important: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a later negotiation.  The very nice agent you meet at the Sunday open houses is, very likely, genuinely nice.  But by default, all agents represent the SELLER.  This means, plainly put, that she is obligated to tell the seller what you say… that you’ll pay more than you’re offering; that you aren’t sure which house you like better but you are putting more than one under contract until you decide which one you like later; or that you just got laid off and are hoping your lender won’t notice and your loan will still go through.  All of these things can hurt your chances of getting your offer accepted. So watch what you say.

It’s her job to tell your secrets. That’s another good reason to have a buyers agent.  More about that later.  But for now, always remember and never forget, until and unless you have a SIGNED BUYER AGENCY AGREEMENT to the contrary, all the agents you meet represent the seller by default.

And remember, just go to for the full list of open houses in Loudoun County every Sunday. The info will be here ready and waiting for you.

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