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The Future of Real Estate… and everything else

Once you are old enough to manage an ipad or cell phone, we’ll recognize you as a potential future home buyer. At that time your parents will be required to provide you with spying devices. You’ll be encouraged to carry them everywhere; and put extensions in every corner of your home. These devices will keep…Read More »

How Does a Rent Back Work?

A Sellers Post Occupancy Agreement, more commonly referred to as a “Rent Back”, simply means that the sellers can remain occupants of the home after settlement. The first thing to know is that the term “Rent Back” is slang, and frankly not very good slang, because it gives people the wrong impression. This is not…Read More »

What To Expect When You’re Showing


So you’re putting your house on the market, and you’re not really sure what it will be like to live in a home that is for sale.  Here are some guidelines I give to my clients, I call it “What to expect when you’re showing”. When you’re on the market: PEEPING TOM, AND MARY, AND…Read More »

Thinking of Selling in the Spring?

With the “Spring Market” starting in 15 weeks, many sellers are already behind the 8 ball.  Yes, I said 15 weeks.  In Real Estate, the spring market starts promptly March 1st, unless there is a blizzard delay, in which case, it starts 1 week later.  I’m not kidding.  Check out this chart.  The high points…Read More »

The Truth about REALTOR Awards

What do all those REALTOR Awards Mean?

What do all those REALTOR Awards Mean?I recently was talking to a client, and the subject of professional awards came up.  I told how, when I worked in property management, I had a ton of awards… some were company awards, some industry awards.  Initially I put them all on my office wall.  But then I…Read More »

ISO a HOME…. (February 7th, 2017)

It’s TRUE!  Inventory is SO tight right now… We need more homes to sell!  I have buyers looking for some thing in particular and there is simply nothing on the market at the moment that is the right fit for them.  Any chance you own one of these homes and are thinking of selling? Or…Read More »

Open Houses in Loudoun November 19-20th

Shopping for a home in Loudoun County?   What a lovely day to buy a house!  Check out these open houses this weekend… there are a lot of choices….  CONDO OPEN THIS WEEKEND  ~ Choose from any of the 12 open houses, or go see them all! Prices on these beauties range from $240K to…Read More »

Estate Sales with Reverse Mortgages

UGH! It happened AGAIN… Listen up folks, you need to know this: If you have inherited (or are in charge of managing) an estate that includes a home that has a reverse mortgage you can NOT hang on to the house until you feel like selling it. You need to act FAST. Faster, even, than…Read More »

The Problem With Affiliated Business Arrangements

During a real estate transaction, you might be asked to sign a disclosure of “Affiliated Business Relationship” because the real estate agent you’re using is working with a brokerage that has an affiliation with a lender or title company or both. Sure, they might make a few extra bucks, but you’re thinking, “Eh, I have…Read More »

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Last Quarter of 2016 Looking Good!

Interest Rates 9/16

  With several key economic reports being released yesterday, and not showing the exciting news that everyone hoped, there is new optimism for those hoping to buy or sell a home even in the last quarter of 2016. You see, everyone was expecting interest rates to start going up… and maybe quickly. But with those reports…Read More »

Mortgage Rates