COVID19 – Do I Have To Pay Next Month’s Mortgage Payment?

Q: Do I have to pay my mortgage payment next month? A; Maybe. Maybe not. As you all know, the world wide pandemic caused by coronavirus or COVID 19 has caused many people to suffer immediate financial hardships due to hours being reduced, layoffs, businesses being forced to close, and the chaos that has been…Read More »

A House for the Whole Family

A House for the Whole Family

While multigenerational families sharing a home is common nowadays, finding single family homes that works for everyone is a little trickier. If you’re searching for the perfect house to share with both young children and aging parents, you need to consider a variety of potentialities. While completely mobile now, in the future your parents might…Read More »

Will the Election Affect the Housing Market?

Will the Election Affect the Housing Market?

Presidential elections don’t just affect our country’s leadership. They can impact many aspects of our lives – including the housing market. Analysts will make many predictions over the coming weeks about how the election results will affect our economy. But one thing is for certain – the housing market will remain strong. These are the…Read More »

Tax Tips – Loudoun Personal Property Taxes

Just a quick note to give you a couple of tips regarding local taxes… In our area, the many services the localities provide are paid for in part by local taxes generated by taxing real and personal property and through the licensing and permit fees required to run businesses, do work on your home or…Read More »

VA Loan Limits Lifted

That’s right. “VA Loans” (these are loans that are guaranteed by the Veterans Administration, and available ONLY to US Military Vets) will no longer have a maximum loan limit! A VA home loan allows veterans purchasing a home to do so with no down payment, an arrangement very difficult to find for a civilian. It…Read More »

The Future of Real Estate… and everything else

Once you are old enough to manage an ipad or cell phone, we’ll recognize you as a potential first time home buyer. At that time your parents will be required to provide you with spying devices. You’ll be encouraged to carry them everywhere; and put extensions in every corner of your home. These devices will…Read More »

How Does a Rent Back Work?

A Sellers Post Occupancy Agreement, more commonly referred to as a “Rent Back”, simply means that the sellers can remain occupants of the home after settlement. The first thing to know is that the term “Rent Back” is slang, and frankly not very good slang, because it gives people the wrong impression. This is not…Read More »

What To Expect When You’re Showing


So you’re putting your house on the market, and you’re not really sure what it will be like to live in a home that is for sale.  Here are some guidelines I give to my clients, I call it “What to expect when you’re showing”. When you’re on the market: PEEPING TOM, AND MARY, AND…Read More »

Brighten Your Home Through Backsplash Design

Beautify Your Home with a Backsplash

It’s the little things that turn your house into your home. The color of your walls, the hardware on your Shaker Cabinetry, and your choice of flooring all create a sense of belonging inside the space you call your home. A backsplash is another area where you can express yourself, in design, color, texture, and…Read More »

Thinking of Selling in the Spring?

With the “Spring Market” starting in 15 weeks, many sellers are already behind the 8 ball.  Yes, I said 15 weeks.  In Real Estate, the spring market starts promptly March 1st, unless there is a blizzard delay, in which case, it starts 1 week later.  I’m not kidding.  Check out this chart.  The high points…Read More »